In the heart of Capitola Village lies a haven of artistic expression and community connection – Art Inspired. Join us as we delve into an exclusive conversation with the entrepreneur behind this vibrant establishment, Alyse Lattanzio. From the allure of Capitola’s coastal charm to the journey of jewelry and art, Art Inspired encapsulates the spirit of creativity and community.

Captivated by Customers and Location
Alyse Lattanzio’s heart beats to the rhythm of community and creativity. When asked about her favorite aspect of doing business in Capitola, “the customers and location,” she exclaims. Capitola’s vibrant aura and proximity to the beach create a joyful atmosphere. The blend of locals and adventurous travelers, from near and far, converges in a chorus of happiness.

A Local’s Journey: From Jewelry to Art Inspired
As a Santa Cruz native, Alyse Lattanzio embarked on a journey that led to the creation of her jewelry business, Alyse Lattanzio Jewelry + Metal Art. Her jewelry adorned local boutiques and graced craft shows across the Bay area. Amidst these creative endeavors, Capitola beckoned. She became a fixture at yearly community events like Capitola Art & Music at the Beach and the Capitola Art & Wine Festival. And then, in 2017, Art Inspired became her sanctuary, the home base for her artistic visions.

A Symphony of Art and Creativity
Art Inspired isn’t just a store; it’s a celebration of artistic expression. Alyse showcases her latest jewelry collections alongside carefully curated art, apparel, and gifts from independent artists and brands across California and the U.S. It’s a symphony of creativity that resonates with Capitola’s vibrant spirit.

Capitola’s Allure: An Abode of Diversity
Capitola weaves its allure through the enchanting tapestry of diversity. “There’s something for everyone,” Alyse muses. The coastal beauty is a visual marvel, complemented by unique businesses and timeless charm. Beyond the village’s confines, the proximity to Big Sur and the San Francisco Bay area offers endless adventures.

Strolling through Art and Serenity
Free moments in Capitola Village find Alyse strolling along the river, soaking in the tranquil views from the heights of Depot Hill. It’s a moment of connection with nature, a pause amidst the creative whirlwind. 

A Haven for Discovery and Joy
Art Inspired beckons with a promise of discovery and joy. Clients flock to the store for an experience that’s both fun and relaxed. They browse through quality, local, and unique goods, all while feasting their eyes on Alyse’s latest jewelry creations. Alyse finds joy in aiding her clients – from commemorating a trip to Capitola Village to crafting custom pieces or selecting the perfect gift.

In the heart of Capitola Village, Art Inspired pulses with the energy of creativity and camaraderie. Alyse Lattanzio’s journey finds its rhythm in the vibrant tapestry of Capitola, where artistic expressions intertwine with community connections.

409 Capitola Ave
Capitola, CA 95010
(831) 316-5338