In the heart of Capitola, a culinary gem thrives with a legacy woven from generations past and a commitment to community. Join us as we embark on an exclusive journey with the proprietor of Castagnola Deli, Daniel Castagnola. From the vibrant rhythms of the Village to the echoes of history, Castagnola Deli is more than a dining destination; it’s a testament to the rich tapestry of Capitola.

Harmonizing with Good Vibes
When asked about his favorite aspect of doing business in Capitola, Daniel exclaims “It’s the Village People and the good vibes.”   The harmonious interaction with the locals and the contagious positivity that swirls in the air create an atmosphere that resonates with every customer.

Destined to Shine in Capitola
Castagnola Deli’s journey in Capitola has an air of destiny. “I believe it was fate,” Daniel muses. The discovery of the little deli for sale felt like a gift from the universe. Stars and moon aligned to guide him to this hidden treasure. The deli’s location, in fact, holds a special significance – it’s the very spot where grandparents met for the first time, just across the street.

A Name Rooted in History and Heart
The name Castagnola bears the weight of history and the richness of heritage. “I’m a 3rd generation Castagnola,” Daniel proudly states. Castagnola is one of the four original Italian fisherman families that settled in Santa Cruz from Genovese, Italy. The name echoes the entrepreneurial spirit passed down through generations, traced back to Daniel’s grandfather Geraldo Castagnola, who established Santa Cruz County’s first recycling center. The deli’s logo, adorned with diamonds in the A, signifies his daughters, while a single diamond in the T pays homage to his mother. Even the coffee cup carries a piece of the family history – the Begonia flower is a tribute to his grandmother Barbara Hayford, a true Capitola native and one of the first Begonia Festival Queens in 1954.

Capitola: A Tapestry of Experiences
Capitola’s allure is undeniable, and Castagnola Deli is a vibrant thread in its intricate fabric. “What’s there not to love about this place?” Daniel remarks. The proximity of everything to the sand is the epitome of convenience and charm. A seamless blend of dining, leisure, and stay awaits, all within a stone’s throw from the shoreline.

A Moment of Tranquility Amidst the Waves
Daniel’s cherished activity in Capitola is a simple yet profound one. “Sit on the bench by the beach, stare into the ocean, and pinch myself,” he confides. It’s a moment of connection with a vast seascape, a reminder of the beauty that surrounds him.

The Deli’s Essence: A Haven for All
Castagnola Deli isn’t merely a culinary establishment; it’s a gathering place, a hub for the community to connect and savor life’s simple joys. “We are here to serve the Village shop owners and employees quality food at an affordable price,” Daniel emphasizes. With a dedication to freshness, speed, and friendly service, the deli mirrors the spirit of Capitola – a space for everyone.

As the waves serenade the shores of Capitola and the breeze carries whispers of bygone days, Castagnola Deli stands as a testament to a legacy nurtured through generations, a vibrant embodiment of community spirit, quality, and connection.

CASTAGNOLA DELI & CAFÉ 201 Monterey Ave #C Capitola, CA 95010 (831) 515-7979