Along the California coastline, Capitola Village is known for its scenic charm and vibrant community. One standout boutique is Nubia Swimwear, a staple in Capitola for decades. Established by Nubia Jordan, it offers a unique shopping experience. Here’s the story behind Nubia Swimwear.

The Birth of Nubia Swimwear

Nubia Swimwear takes its name from its founder, Nubia Jordan. The boutique had its start in 1987 when Nubia opened her first storefront, Capitola Dreams Swimwear. Specializing in Brazilian bikinis, Nubia revolutionized the industry with mix-and-match sizing. A few years later, she expanded within Capitola Village, and in 2011, her two stores merged into what is now Nubia Swimwear. Her commitment to quality and innovation has set the boutique apart, and continues to thrive in the Village today, offering a curated selection of swimwear that reflects her passion for excellence.

Every Body is a Beach Body

Nubia Swimwear is a destination for perfect beachwear. Nubia Swimwear’s philosophy is simple: “Every body is a beach body.” This inclusive approach ensures everyone can find swimwear that fits and flatters. The boutique carries a wide range of sizes and styles, catering to diverse needs. Serving the second generation of loyal clientele, the boutique is known for its quality, variety and commitment to customer satisfaction. “Nubia refines her swimwear line every year, offering the most sought-after designers from around the world,” she explains.

Plan Your Visit

When visiting Capitola, stop by Nubia Swimwear. Sandra’s love for Capitola is evident. “Capitola Village is very special. We love everything about doing business and living here,” she says. The picturesque streets, friendly community, and stunning ocean views create an ideal environment for her boutique. Whether for a day at the beach or stylish resort wear, Nubia Swimwear has something special for everyone. Enjoy a personalized shopping experience in Capitola Village.


202 Capitola Ave
Capitola, CA 95010
(831) 476-2027