Capitola Wine Bar, nestled in the heart of this picturesque coastal haven, is a haven for relaxation and delight. Join us as we embark on an exclusive conversation with the visionary behind this unique establishment, Ann Marie Conrad. From the serenity of Monterey Bay to the enchanting stories of rebranding, we uncover the essence of Capitola Wine Bar’s charm.

A Symphony of Serenity
When asked about her favorite aspect of doing business in Capitola, Ann Marie smiles. “It’s the picturesque surroundings,” she enthuses. Even amidst the hustle and bustle of work, the breathtaking skies and the sound of waves crashing provide a soothing backdrop. Break times offer a chance to bask in the serenity of Monterey Bay, washing away the day’s stress and rejuvenating the spirit.

A Journey in Time
Capitola Wine Bar’s story in the village dates back to July 2017. After decades of running a hardware store, Ann Marie and her partner were ready for a change in their entrepreneurial journey. “We were drawn to wine,” she shares with a smile. The decision was made to transition their focus to the world of wine, seeking a wine tasting room. “It’s amazing what you can find on Craiglist,” says Ann Marie. “The place really needed some love. We took a defunct hardware store and turned it around into a successful business. We figured we could create some magic here with this wine bar.”

Weaving a Name, Building a Brand 
The journey to a name was an evolution. The business was initially under a different name that led to confusion. In May 2018, after renovations and making the space their own, the establishment emerged as “Capitola Wine Bar & Merchants.” The addition of “Merchants” aimed to emphasize that it was more than just a wine bar; it was a space for shopping, offering everything from local craft beers to picnic supplies and wine-related accessories.

A Slice of Paradise: Capitola’s Allure
Capitola, a blend of beachside beauty and charming shops, offers a unique allure. “It’s a special seaside spot,” Ann Marie explains. The village encapsulates the essence of relaxation, with beach, dining, shopping, and more all within a stroll’s reach. Often confused as a part of Santa Cruz, Capitola boasts a distinct calmer family-oriented vibe that sets it apart.

A Kaleidoscope of Favorites
Selecting a single favorite activity in Capitola proves a delightful challenge for Ann Marie. “Strolling around the Village takes the crown,” she reveals. The end of Esplanade Park and the Wharf unveils vistas that steal the breath away. The village is a treasure trove of charming alleys, river walks, eclectic shops, and delightful surprises at every corner. 

Crafting Moments of Calm and Joy
Capitola Wine Bar, more than a place to enjoy wine, is a sanctuary of relaxation. Ann Marie’s focus lies in curating a soothing ambiance that allows guests to unwind. The selection of wine is a journey in itself, seeking out unique yet recognizable options at reasonable prices. The bar’s offerings extend beyond wine to local craft beers and delightful treats prepared in-house. The establishment also offers a canvas for art and entertainment, enriching the guest experience.

For more insights into Capitola Wine Bar’s world, explore their website and catch their updates on Instagram and Facebook. Embrace the serenity and charm that Ann Marie has lovingly cultivated at Capitola Wine Bar, where moments of relaxation and connection unfold in every glass.

115 San Jose Ave #G
Capitola, CA 95010
(831) 476-2282