Wharf House Restaurant

1400 Wharf Rd
Capitola, CA 95010




Sunday 8AM - 8PM
Monday 8AM - 8PM
Tuesday 8AM - 8PM
Wednesday 8AM - 8PM
Thursday 8AM - 8PM
Friday 8AM - 8PM
Saturday 8AM - 8PM


Come experience a completely different world on the Capitola Wharf. The hidden treasures of happiness and freedom that Locals have known for years are awaiting you.
The Wharf House Restaurant offers sweeping views of Capitola Village and all of Monterey Bay while enjoying some of the best food in Santa Cruz County!

There's a full breakfast menu, and for lunch, an assortment of burgers, sandwiches, clam chowder, and of course, fish and chips. For a special weekend brunch, try a glass of champagne and one of the Eggs Benedict dishes, which are a house specialty. For dinner, it's a great place to watch the moon rise over the ocean.

“Another place worth hitting for breakfast is the Wharf House. Drive down on a sunny Sunday for brunch - hot food and cool jazz in the summertime surrounded by Monterey Bay.” San Jose Mercury News

“No matter the weather, but especially on blustery days, the atmosphere out at the end of the Capitol Wharf is warm, welcoming and wharfside rustic. Wharf House Restaurant offers plenty of port in a storm, as well as terrific views of gulls and pelicans swooping over the rolling waves. On a recent rainy-day visit we felt snug and comfy amid the lived-in decor. Yet the wine list is anything but rustic, offering an amazing wealth of local vintages.” Metro Santa Cruz, Word of Mouth, by Christina Waters

“The Wharf House provides ocean lovers with a feast for both body and soul. The restaurant offers a sweeping view of Monterey Bay, while the menu reflects its constantly changing seasonal harvest. The specials board is usually chock full of seafood. Dinner guests can watch dramatic sunsets, then wait for the moon, stars and comets to do their stuff.” The Mid County Post, Profile by Vicki Winters