Pizza My Heart

209 Esplanade #A
Capitola, CA 95010

(831) 475-5714



Sunday 11AM - 9PM
Monday 11AM - 9PM
Tuesday 11AM - 9PM
Wednesday 11AM - 9PM
Thursday 11AM - 9PM
Friday 11AM - 10PM
Saturday 11AM - 10PM


We were founded in 1981. Appropriately that was the year the Rolling Stones had a monster hit with Start Me Up. And, like Mick Jagger, we're both going strong several decades later.
The first restaurant was right on Capitola Beach. It's not much larger than the average bedroom, but that tiny Capitola restaurant has become a landmark for surfers and beachgoers alike. Summer days often see the line for pizza reach nearly a block long. We're proud to say pizza and surf now go together in Capitola like hot dogs and baseball. Stoked with the success in Capitola, Pizza My Heart opened in downtown Santa Cruz a few years later. This was a big upgrade for both locals and tourists as there was actually room to sit down and enjoy a slice. After the '89 earthquake damaged our building, we moved to our current location on Pacific Avenue, bringing along our great pizza and even greater customers.