Running a business in Capitola comes with its unique charm and community support. Ashley Cotta, the owner of Bare Skin + Body, shares her journey and experiences about her business and the special place that is Capitola.

The Heart of Capitola’s Business Community

For Ashley, the favorite thing about doing business in Capitola is the people, along with the love and continuous support from the community. The connections she has made in the short time she has been doing business in the Village have made her feel right at home.

From Dreams to Reality

Ashley has been doing business in Capitola for a year and a half. She started Bare Skin + Body in a 120 sq foot space on the westside of Santa Cruz during COVID. Having always dreamt of having her business in the Capitola Village, when she and her husband moved to Santa Cruz, it was the perfect opportunity. Ashley used to be a pharmaceutical sales rep, and Santa Cruz was part of her territory. It was the place she always dreamt of living as a kid. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would own a business there.

Photo by Opposite of East

The name Bare was created after brainstorming on what Ashley wanted her business to be about. She wanted to offer skin treatments that were corrective yet relaxing. She aimed for her clients to look and feel beautiful in their “BARE” skin – without makeup.

The Unique Charm of Capitola

As a child, Ashley thought Capitola was an island. Now, as an adult, she understands why she felt that way. Capitola is a small, beautiful place with bright colors and incredible energy. With a variety of places to shop, eat, stay, and play, it encompasses everything needed for an amazing visit. One of Ashley’s favorite things to do in Capitola is grabbing a coffee and catching the sunrise on Depot Hill.

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Creating an Exceptional Client Experience

Clients initially come to Bare Skin + Body for the custom skin treatments Ashley offers. However, she loves seeing the look of surprise on their faces when they enter her skin studio. She often hears, “We had no idea this was up here,” and “This place looks incredible.” It was very important to Ashley to create a beautiful space where clients look forward to their next visit.

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Ashley’s journey with Bare Skin + Body is a testament to her dedication to her clients and her love for Capitola. Her story is one of community, dreams realized, and the creation of a welcoming space where clients can feel truly at home. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Bare Skin + Body is a must-visit for a truly memorable experience.


312 Capitola Ave, Ste D
Capitola, CA 95010
(209) 617-8947