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One Day, One Place: Beach-side fun in tiny Capitola

Only 2 square miles, and with the even more compact Capitola Village at its heart, this is one of those walkable little towns where every corner seems to have something that makes you smile…..FULL ARTICLE

Capitola’s defunct Begonia Festival may be revived with ‘water festival’

Volunteer organizers of the former Begonia Festival have reconvened, with help from some newcomers, to seek a way to birth a new village tradition….FULL ARTICLE


Capitola’s Most Romantic Restaurant

California Dream Eater travels to one of the most romantic restaurants in the state for a special meal at Shadowbrook in Capitola, California…FULL ARTICLE


Capitola the Locals Way

How to spend the perfect weekend in Capitola. It starts from your beach house in the heart of the Village, where you can hear the waves gently crashing from your bedroom and are just a walk around the corner to the Capitola Beach. Enjoy dinner with an ocean view and listen to live music by the water …FULL ARTICLE


Coast Line: Capitola Village skating rink to open Dec. 15

An open-air skating rink, “iSKATE Capitola,” will open Friday in Esplanade Park, in front of the stage and overlooking Capitola Beach and Monterey Bay…FULL ARTICLE


8 Cool California Piers

Reminiscent of a European village on the Mediterranean with its pastel buildings and shoreline dotted with café patio umbrellas, Capitola in Santa Cruz county feels like a special hideaway…FULL ARTICLE


Weekend Escape A train depot B&B, family-friendly beach, moonlight cliff walk in Capitola

Santa Cruz might have name recognition, but Capitola, its tiny neighbor (population 10,000) just down the highway on Monterey Bay, was an ideal summer getaway for my wife and me and our young daughter… FULL ARTICLE

The local’s guide to the beach town of Capitola

Coastal Living Magazine named Capitola, California, one of the happiest seaside towns in America, and if you’ve ever visited, you would have a tough time telling them they’re wrong… FULL ARTICLE


Go retro for a weekend in Santa Cruz

There’s a moment on every vacation when you begin the serious attempt to blend in, to do as the locals do. You don’t want to be seen as a tourist. You want to pretend you live in this wonderful world you’ve traveled to — at least for a little while… FULL ARTICLE


A Stroll Through Capitola Village

The quaint seaside village of Capitola began as a humble tent camp along the shore of the Monterey Bay… FULL ARTICLE


Pizza My Heart, Restaurant Review: Give piece a chance

CAPITOLA >> Growing up in Georgia, I thought that pizza tasted like soggy cardboard, canned tomato sauce and chewy cheese… FULL ARTICLE

Capitola Village featured on Bay Area Life, channel 7, SPRING 2015

CAPITOLA, Calif. (KGO) — Get Outta Town! Enjoy the perfect weekend getaway in Capitola Village. From surfing to fishing, there’s something there for everyone to enjoy… FULL ARTICLE

Capitola Village featured on Bay Area Life, channel 7, FALL 2015

CAPITOLA, Calif. (KGO) — Get outta town! Beautiful weather, fabulous food and terrific shopping make Capitola Village the perfect getaway… FULL ARTICLE