In our last newsletter, we asked readers to submit their favorite thing about Capitola in the springtime for a chance to win a 2-night stay in Capitola!! (Not signed up for our newsletter? Sign up HERE to get updates on Capitola events, activities, and giveaways! )

We got tons of great submissions about on why people love Capitola in the springtime that we are excited to share with you below!

Capitola in the Springtime

First of all, we'd like to congratulate out winner Charlene Wilcynski, we think she captured the essence of Capitola in the spring perfectly...

"I love Capitola for many reasons, but the most important reason I love Capitola more than anywhere else is because every time I visit it feels like home.  While walking Esplanade, coffee in hand, watching my husband and son surf, I never feel like a guest, but right at home. It’s a great feeling when the scenery is so gorgeous as well. Everybody in the Village is so welcoming and from the few years we have frequented Capitola some even know us by name which is a great feeling to come back to time and again. Thank you to all who help make Capitola a safe, pleasant and most of all, FUN place to visit. Where it's beautiful, there's plenty to do, the locals are friendly and welcoming, and it feels like your home away from home."

We love how much you love Capitola! Here are some other great submissions that help remind us why Capitola is so lovely, especially in spring!

"I spent most of my summers and Easter breaks in Capitola all through the 70's and 80's.  My sisters and I roamed the streets, the shops, the Skee-ball joints, and of course the beach.  Our great Aunt and Uncle lived in the Jewel District, so we'd fill up the wagon in the morning and head down the hill and stay all day in the village and beach.  Can't wait to visit again."

~Brenda Stewart

"Capitola and it’s community is as remarkable as it gets. One of my favorite things is the Capitola Village. The Capitola Village embraces a small town feel with its unique, quaint Mom and Pop shops, amazing local restaurants, and amazing views. The vibe of the Village community is relaxing and peaceful, yet it thrives with  activities and events for everyone. (Even fur babies). Capitola offers live music, Art and Wine Festivals, movies, concerts at the beach, local coffee, and ice cream shops. Or ditch the pavement to build a sandcastle, go paddle boarding, and surfing. The journey is yours."

~Kristie Goes

"Spring mist rolls back off the ocean to reveal the beautiful sight of the sun shining on Capitola's fabulous city. Ahh..the relaxing, shopping and eating is the best on the central coast! My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PLACE TO BE  !"

~Julie Rapp

"I “Love” Capitola. I have been going there since 1950 when my Family spent our Summer Vacations there. We often took daily early morning walks on the Beach and as we walked back through the Sweet Town to our Rental you would catch the alluring aroma of fresh backed Breakfast Pastries wafting through the morning air. I even spent my Honeymoon there in 1961. I go back to that Sweet City whenever I am able."

~ Judy Gramith

"Absolutely love Capitola.... I feel at peace! Its beautiful and relaxing. I live in the central valley and don't get out to the coast as much as I would love too. There is something about Capitola that is majestic and captivating. The town and beach is quant and clean. Love how you literally can walk up from the beach to get a slice of pizza or a scoop of ice cream. The riverwalk is so peaceful and conveniently located. At night a must.... Shadowbrook Restaurant. Very romantic and beautiful..... I cannot express! Capitola is in my top five places to visit. Its a good two and half hour drive for me but so worth it. I am a hard working, single mom of two teen boys.... when I get a chance to be in Capitola I really feel relaxed."

~Mariann Rubalcaba

"Capitola Village holds many, many wonderful life long memories for our family. We have stayed over the years at Capitola Hotel, Capitola Venetian Hotel, Capitola Beach Suites and each have given us so many pleasurable memories. They each have their own special traits to make you feel welcome, special & wanting to come back! Our delightful eateries run  Shadowbrook Restaurant, Margaritaville, Mr. Toots Coffeehouse, Gayles Bakery, & our favorite is Paradise Beach Grille; satisfies our culinary delights & cocktails. All the restaurants are great, and so many cuisines to satisfy your own taste buds!
I love shopping in  Capitola Village and just window shopping with no hurry! We love having breakfast at Capitola Wharf, plus it has great music on summer days! The Capitola Music Series is fantastic and getting your dance groove on! Many great events all year round! But, really our favorite time is just enjoying the ocean breeze, sound of the waves, kids playing in the wake and sand, and soaking up the ambiance of this little amazing village & beach!"

~Darla Gehres

"The first time I visited Capitola, I fell in love - not only with the quaint little village, flavors of toots and Shadowbrook, but also I fell in love with the man I was going to marry.  Shortly after meeting him, he brought me to the village so that I could see the town that shaped who he is today. When he brought me to Capitola, we stayed in the Venetian, with a beautiful view overlooking the ocean. Mr Toots became a fast favorite of mine and when we weren't drinking coffee, we were drinking margaritas. I love Capitola in the spring because it reminds me of when I fell in love with my husband. The smell of the air, the light mist of rain, the sun. I have been yearning for Capitola ever since we visited during our honeymoon road trip. Capitola Village will always have a pizza MY heart!"

~Eileen Sheehan