Conveniently located across from Capitola City Hall and a free 2-hour parking lot.
In 1984 James Colip hung out his shingle as an Independent Licensed Agent. Combining his interest in natural healing and alternative medicine with his desire to be of service Jim began to study healthcare and insurance delivery systems, service providers and benefit options. After more than 18 years of study and service Jim has become a rare specialist in the Health & Life Insurance field. He specializes in delivering “Maximum Benefit for Minimum Cost”. He serves as your advocate and your bridge between the intricacies of benefits plans and the intimacies of individual needs. As a highly respected professional your interests will always be served by James B. Colip. Over the years as our office and staff grew we naturally expanded to the internet. We have been selling and servicing insurance on the web since 1996. We utilize technology to provide education, service and expediency. Our success on the web is a mirror of our nuts and bolts, “brick and mortar” (if you will) principles and system. There are real people and real products behind every click!