Nestled along Monterey Bay, Capitola Village is a hidden gem. Among its treasures is Sweet Asylum, a quaint boutique owned by Stacey Basile, which has been part of this seaside community for over a decade. Here’s a glimpse into what makes Capitola and Sweet Asylum special.

A Business by the Ocean

Stacey’s favorite part of running Sweet Asylum is the proximity to the ocean. The soothing waves and fresh sea breeze create a serene backdrop for both her work and her customers’ shopping experience. Beyond the natural beauty, the tight-knit, supportive community in Capitola adds warmth and camaraderie. Sweet Asylum has been delighting customers since 2007. Initially in Downtown Santa Cruz, Stacey moved her shop to Capitola Village in 2008. Growing up on Depot Hill and working her first job at Zelda’s restaurant, Stacey has deep roots in this charming beach town. The move to Capitola was a natural fit, blending her personal history with her boutique’s aesthetic.

A Tribute in a Name

The name “Sweet Asylum” is a tribute to Stacey’s grandfather, who tasked her with relocating Sweet Alyssum flowers during her childhood summers. By playing on the name “Alyssum” and transforming it into “Asylum,” Stacey created a name that embodies the essence of her shop—a cozy refuge from daily life. Sweet Asylum offers comfort and tranquility.

The Sweet Asylum Experience

Customers return for Sweet Asylum’s curated selection of high-quality clothing made from responsibly sourced fabrics. The boutique’s inviting atmosphere is enhanced by handmade jewelry, specialty items, leather purses, soaps, and fragrances. Stacey’s commitment to style and comfort ensures that every visit is unique and enjoyable.

Visit Capitola and Sweet Asylum

Stacey points out that Capitola’s allure extends beyond its seaside views, noting the village’s unique, family-owned shops and restaurants that offer personalized service. This eclectic mix ensures every visit to Capitola is filled with delightful discoveries. Stacey personal favorite is Sunday brunch on the esplanade. With the beach just steps away, it’s the perfect way to savor local flavors while soaking in the scenic beauty. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Capitola Village and Sweet Asylum invite you to discover their charm. Enjoy the scenic beachfront, explore the eclectic shops, and find your refuge at Sweet Asylum. This beach town, with its strong community pride and scenic beauty, is waiting to welcome you.


120 San Jose Ave.
Capitola, CA 95010
(831) 466-0361